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Help please. CCJ received, not much time!

I hope someone can help me (and quickly).  I've spent a long time reading the newbies thread and lots of other related threads.  A summary of my problem:
  • I parked for 3hrs 1 minute in a private car park (Bradfield Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield)
  • Maximum stay is 1 1/2 hours
  • date of parking 19/03/22
  • Ignored letters from Highview Parking and subsequent letters from DCB Legal
  • A few days ago I received a Claim from from CCBC dated 03/01/23 and yesterday received a Judgment default dated 26/01/23  
  • Judgment states I must pay £288.20 but amount on MCOL is £265.32 
I suspect the delay in the post is due to postal strikes.  It is now too late to respond to the AOS. Do I have a leg to stand on as I can't prove that i've only just received the Claim Form?

Should I:
  • Write to DCB Legal and offer to settle and ask them to send me a signed Consent Order to have the default judgement set aside?
  • Apply to set aside via MCOL?
I just want this to go away and am happy to just pay it but want rid of the CCJ. I have read that if I settle it within a month (in two day's time) that I can request the set aside for this reason.


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    As the set aside fee is not much less than paying the claimant, I'm going to just pay it and send an N443 form to the court to get a cancellation certificate. 

    I'm guessing this won't be the favoured option with people but having read about the hassle people go through at hearings and being totally confused with the legal jargon on here, this seems the easist solution for me to get rid of the CCJ.  Also as it's Friday afternoon and it will be a month on Sunday 26th since the CCJ was issued, I don't to not be able to pay over the weekend and risk missing the deadline for the N443.

    Do I pay the court or DCBL?
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    *nemo* said:
    Do I pay the court or DCBL?
    I am surprised to see that question.

    If you were to read the documentation you have, you will see a box on your County Court Claim Form headed How to Pay.
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    I've since seen this but i'm unable to edit the post to remove it. 
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    • Ignored letters from Highview Parking and subsequent letters from DCB Legal
    I doubt you’d be able to get a set aside anyway, based on that admission.

    I’m also assuming that you are aware that if you pay the CCJ late, it will still stay on your credit file for 6 years. It’s just marked as satisfied, but still there.

    why did you stay linger than the permitted time in the car park? Why did you ignore everything until you received a CCJ? Why did you leave it so late to ask these questions after you knew you already have a CCJ?
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    Can you pay on DCBLegal's portal?


    You don't have a month, I think it's 30 days - which is up tomorrow.

    Or get the CCJ set aside and defend it.

    Either way...please don't leave us yet!

    We need you - as a genuine PPC victim of aggression, sharp practice and the 'extortion' of adding £70 - to respond robustly to the Public Consultation on the level of parking charges and banning of the false added fee that you are now deciding to pay in full, even though that fee us double recovery and was never incurred.

    It will need consumer input (powerful voices) but change is afoot. It's taken about 5 years to get to this stage:

    And then the industry threw victims' money at it and blocked and delayed it - explained here:

    Please now Bookmark BOTH threads and set up email alerts on your posting profile, so that you get an email alert when we post there, as we will, once the Public Consultation opens later this year, once the new Ministers are fully appraised.

    We need people like you and your driving family & friends to respond in high numbers!

    You have a personal story to tell about the culture of getting a DRA to add £70 for their own profit which encourages bulk litigation like this.

    It must stop.

    This final Consultation effectively changes the law.  Come back & join us whether you fight this battle or concede.

    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
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