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Morning all,
I am completing on my first house on Monday and am aware first task is to get utilities sorted.
I spoke with the seller and he has adviced he was with Swalec and has a pre pay card ( aware became SSE and now OVO) however he has shown me a letter that came a matter of days ago from OCTOPUS asking him to register the new card that was attached. I have gone onto the website for "findmysupplier" and it does indeed say octopus however he has been using his Swalec card and still works.
In short come Monday should I be calling OVO or octopus.
May be a stupid question but doing it on my own so any guidance is appreciated.


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    Ask him to leave that letter and key when he moves out, then ring octopus once you are in. Tell them about the the confused supplier situation, and ask how quickly they can get you off prepay.
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    The first I would do is take a photo of the meters, including the water meter if the property has one.  Don't delete these photos until the bills are sorted.
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    Do not use the legacy key for longer than necessary, as you may be paying off the previous occupant's debt. Request a new key on day one.
    Ovo are now part of Octopus and are transitioning all accounts over.
    If you want to switch to a credit meter then ask for a smart meter install and then for a remote mode switch, which is free.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
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    Have I missed something that Octopus has aquired Ovo?

    Do you have it mixed up with Bulb?
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