How quickly should you be back on gas if you have been disconnected due to faulty gas meter?

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When you are disconnected from Gas due to a leaking gas meter ie dangerous (not prepayment meter) do you know how quickly your gas supplier has to get you back on gas?

Where is what is supposed to happen set out - does anyone know?


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    On a gas service check with housing association my meter was found to be leaking. 
    Engineer called my supplier Shell...they came after 4 hours...they couldn't replace because it was sub underground..passed onto SSM..who came within 3 hours and fitted new dumb meter at my request. 
    So gas turned off app 1pm new meter working about 8pm. 
    Shell paid a direct credit to my account of £30 due to the delay 
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    If you report a gas leak to the national gas emergency line on 0800111999 , an engineer will attend within 1 or 2 hours max. If the meter is found to be leaking and requires replacement AND your supplier has a PEMS contract in place AND that meter is a standard U6/G4 domestic meter then the engineer may replace it to restore your supply and the emergency service will internally bill your supplier for that work. If the attending Engineer cannot remedy the situation because he does not have a suitable meter or fittings then he will cut your supply to make it safe and you will have to contact your supplier. They should remedy the situation within 4 hours max.  Why,what has happened??
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