Redundancy, PILON & tax credits

Hi , 
I've  tried posting on benefits board but no replies as yet.
I'm facing redundancy with a 4k redundancy and 12 weeks PILON as I've been there 20 years. As I've been a single parent for a 7 years I've received some tax credits an housing benefit.  I've tried ringing my local council for advice but they're unable to guide me until I receive any money. Can someone tell me how these amounts will affect my tax credits and housing benefit? 
I'm already looking for work and I have no savings but I've read PILON is taxable so I'm taking it that will count as earnings rather than savings?
If all the help stops will I be able to reapply for UC when the redundancy and PILON run out? 
This money could really help with car repairs and pay off one credit card I have but would I be able to do that?
I'm so worried , I've never been unemployed and just need to know I can keep the roof above our heads.
Thanks Rachel 


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    I am also after some advice if possible 
    My role was put at risk of redundancy 2 weeks ago, the company is restructuring the role (higher pay and more responsibility plus larger geographical areas). Everyone was advised to ‘express an interest’, so I did and have been offered the role. However, I don’t think it’s feasible for me due to family commitments. I don’t know where this leaves me in regards to still opting for redundancy and not accepting the role. The tricky bit is that I was in so much shock when it was offered to me that I verbally accepted it. If I now withdraw my interest, will I not receive my notice pay? (I have been there less than 12 months so would not be entitled to redundancy as such, but my contract states 2 months notice to terminate my employment)
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