Wife in A+E this morning after a bleed on the brain

Absolute nightmare today
Would like to know what my options are as regards anything to do with assistance at home for her or anything like that? Where to look etc etc for info.
She is 75,  i'm 68 work p time now.
Any advice would be useful
The bleed is on the left side so rh side is u/s at the moment and no speech.
Thanks David


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     There will be social workers based in the hospital. They would be your first port of call. They will carry out an assessment and put Care plan in place and advise on adjustments and care needed. They will then pass to community social workers when she is discharged.

     Hope you are able to cope with this x 
  • brightondavebrightondave Forumite
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    Bless you    thanks x
    Anybody else like to comment ?
  • AlbermarleAlbermarle Forumite
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    As above, when she is nearing the time when the Doctors think she can leave the hospital, then the Discharge Team will get involved. They will assess her and see what they think is the best way forward. Can be going home, or to a care home, or maybe to some kind of rehabilitation facility.
    As is regularly in the news, the hospital discharge can get delayed due to difficulties in making suitable arrangements due to lack of places, staff etc
    If she is able to come home, a care package will be put in place ( hopefully before she arrives home) with maybe carers visiting regularly, with some special equipment maybe.
    A lot will depend on if  some of the movement and speech, start to come back. I am not a medic but will probably be a week or two before you have a better picture. Good Luck !
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    Hopefully your wife will be transferred to a stroke unit from A&E, where they will try to rehabilitate her. You will be involved in discussions about the next step, once the picture is clearer. As above, that may be returning home, possibly with a care/support package, transferring to a rehabilitation facilility, or going to a care home.

    Try not to panic at the moment, there is likely to be some spontaneous recovery in the first few weeks so it will take a while for the real picture to emerge. 

    Best of luck to you and your wife, the same thing happened to my husband in November 2021. It was like a thunderbolt in our lives.
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    A horrible time for you. But make sure you look after yourself. As your good lady is in the best place at the moment.

    As above. Once moved to a suitable ward, the process will start with rehab. Plenty of physo etc while in hospital & then maybe moved to a rehab unit. But rest assured that care plans will be put in place before she comes home. So you get the best support at home.

    Again. Please take time for yourself. 👍
    Life in the slow lane
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