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I'm looking at enforcing a financial order, using the D11. I'm not able to afford a solicitor, so completing it myself. 
The financial order was submitted in 2017 and re-addressed in 2020, and there is a section that the Ex (Respondent) has not fulfilled, namely to remove me from the joint mortgage, by either sale or re-mortgaging. I have no financial interest in the property, but while I remain on the mortgage, I am held accountable on any credit file when payments are missed or late!

There a few baffling questions, can anyone advise what is the correct answer for these below

3) What order are you asking the court to make and why?
4) Are there any reasons why this application should not be dealt with on paper by a judge?
5) Are there any reasons why this application should not be dealt with at a telephone hearing?
6) How long do you think the hearing will last?
7) Is this time estimate agreed by all parties?
8) Give details of any fixed hearing date or period.
9) Does this application need to be heard by a specific judge/level of judge?
11) What information will you be relying on?
  1. the attached statement.
  2. the divorce/dissolution/nullity/(judicial) separation application.
  3. the statement in support of the divorce/dissolution/nullity/(judicial)
  4. the evidence set out in the box below
Can anyone assist?


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