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Excel Parking - 2x PCNs, not paying 2 hours upfront when 1 hour is free



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    A_Nony_MouseA_Nony_Mouse Forumite
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    Also, I've just requested the freehold title deed for the berkeley precinct (SYK280456) - It lists the following as the registered owners, since 1997?

    65 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DY
    65 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DY
  • Albert_ArkwrightAlbert_Arkwright Forumite
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    Have you seen this thread? -  he doesn't say who the registered land owners put him onto unfortunately.
    I know vcs claims were thrown out of court as the contract was with excel who tried to say it was the same company but judge ruled it wasn't so they had no claim. A technicality they have sealed of now.

    If i understand it and i don't really, these companies are trustees responsible for managing the asset ie. the business side of the lands and buildings  for the beneficiary / investor which at some point would have been henderson uk property fund which became janus henderson who have just sold their property portfolio to a mystery buyer so god knows who really owns it now and they may have appointed a new trustee so this could be out of date. They certainly aren't still at that address, it's been knocked down, company search is a bit tricky, newer uk company (2012) and one registered in Jersey.

    Don't know where that leaves us asking for evidence excel are operating with permission of the landowner, for the guy in the linked thread he has proof the management company represents the land owner as they themselves told him.

    I don't know what we can demand as to traceability from the carpark operator to registered land owner, unless excel are able to produce some other kind of proof that will stand up in court that the person signing the contract with them is without question legally entitled. Hoping someone here can clear it up a bit, meanwhile i'll put a request for their proof and see what i get.
  • Snakes_BellySnakes_Belly Forumite
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    There appears to be nothing in the contract that says that you cannot come back and pay for the extra hour, 

    Nolite te bast--des carborundorum.
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    Albert_ArkwrightAlbert_Arkwright Forumite
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    What about if some one pays the pound (aware of the unusual charging condition perhaps) but leaves within the first hour, surely they are entitle to their pound back.
    Would there be any legal angle on that, a service should not be charged for if not used, i'll bet my next pcn they have never returned payment and wouldn't if asked which kind of makes the condition on shakey legal ground perhaps.

    Thought more about this and I think there argument is that on arrival you choose between;
     contract a. upto 1 hour free or,
     contract b. upto 2 hours £1,
    as is displayed on the sign, contract b does say upto 2 hours not between 1 and 2 hours or an extra hour so a consumer that had entered into contract b would not be entitled to refund.

  • n0rth123n0rth123 Forumite
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    I am having the same issue with Excel, a nonsense charge for taking too long to pay. I also was naive enough to use the IAC and admit I was the driver. Oh well, a lesson now learned!

    In my case it genuinely took 30 mins to pay through the Connect app, as I was waiting around for a verification email to come through after registration on the app. I'm going to raise my own thread in the next day or two to get specific advice for my case, but if it helps in your case this is where I'm at:

    I tried to contact the landowner but was forwarded to Workman PLC which seems to be a company that manages the site. A senior associate picked up my complaint but basically agreed with the charge - this is what she said:

    "Please note, LSH no longer manage the above site, the above site is now managed by Workman LLP. I have looked into your query below, and it was noted that you purchased via connect 30 minutes after entry. The signs states tickets must be purchased upon arrival.
    I am aware that you have appealed to the IAS (Independent Appeals Service) and they have also declined your appeal on this occasion."

    I intend to follow up by referring to the recent Star article, noting that Workman made a statement that they would review their arrangement with Excel.

    I also complained to tesco on twitter, but they simply said the parking lot is managed by a third party - I was hoping they could put some pressure on their landowner (which I assume would be the same).

    My next port of call is to start a dialogue with my MP - I'm not local to Sheffield anymore though, so I'm not sure if I complain to my MP or the MP in that area. I'm also considering complaining direct to Excel and the IPC, particularly for a matter of record with my dialogue with my MP.

    I wonder if we can somehow 'team up'? I'm sure there are a few forumites that are experiencing the same problem, and as they say, there is more power in numbers...

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    You complain to your OWN constituency MP.

    Attacking it in numbers and if possible,  getting your cases in the local paper and warning shoppers off going to this retail park (which will royally P off the retailers and Workman...all good pressure) is a good plan.

    IMHO Excel need kicking out.

    Why not point out to your MP and a journalist (with newspaper article links) how Excel were removed from the notorious Lichfield retail park last year, under reportedly similar aggressive/unfair ticketing circumstances?
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