ADVICE NEEDED: Pre 1998 student loan

I understand the rules regarding student loans being written off --- 1990 – 1997 (If aged under 40) (1) Earlier of 25 years after your first payment of your last loan agreement (usually the start of your final year), or when you reach age 50 --- but am unsure with regards to any defaults on that loan. 

I defaulted on my particular loan in the early 2000's at which time the debt was sold to a debt collection agency with whom I've been dealing with ever since. My question is: do the rules regarding my student loan being written off still apply even though I defaulted on said loan and the debt was subsequently sold on. Any advice is appreciated.


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    No, once defaulted the loans become repayable in full and never get written off under the terms of the student loan agreement.
    However that is not the end of the matter, pre 98 mortgage style student loans can becomes statute barred.
    The big question therefore is has there ever been a period of six years in which you have neither paid towards or acknowledged the loan exists? (For the avoidance of doubt, deferring is acknowledgement of the loan.)
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