Newlyn debt letter

Had one of these hand delivered to my door yesterday. The name on it isn't my own, it states someone owes a debt for a parking ticket (unpaid pcn). I don't drive, never owned a car, don't have a license. Towards the bottom it states something along the lines of 'goods will be removed in your absence'. I do not like the idea of coming home one day to see my door kicked in and my stuff nicked. There's a name and number stamped on it asking to get in contact. I asked my landlord if he knows the name (this is a building with lots of flats), he said no one by that name has ever lived in any of the flats and he's returned quite a few various debt collection letters for this name. Probable fraud was his idea, but I'm not 100% certain where the fraud is coming from (the debt collectors or this chap whose name is on the letter?).

Should I phone this number on the letter or ignore? I understand that debt collectors aren't legally allowed to get your stuff unless you invite them in, from coming here via a Google search, but I still don't like the idea that someone came to my place and stuck this letter in my door, and I'm a bit worried that someone won't give a toss about the law and will just break in and collect a debt that has nothing to do with me.


  • Bigphil1474
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    OP, does it actually have your address on it, or was it just posted through your letter box? Hand delivered is how most people get their post ?? If it hasn't got your actual address on it then bin it.

    Depends on the phone number - if it looks like a premium number, then that's probably the scam - charge you exorbitant phone costs to ring it. If it's a local or freephone number, then that's okay. If you do ring them, don't give them your personal details, just explain that the letter is addressed to someone who has never or no longer lives there, and ask them to update their records. Might be a waste of time though.

    Alternatively, return to sender if you can, or throw in recycling. Bailiffs can't come into your house under any circumstances for the debts of someone who has never lived there. 
  • oryxcallotis
    Hand-delivered, as in some random person just stuck it in my door. There's no address or anything, just this name and a '1' (my flat number).

    It doesn't look like a premium number. Googling it gives a result on telguarder, with just one comment from 2021 saying it's a robocall.

    I'm a little wary of doing anything because the whole thing stinks of scam, especially with my landlord saying multiple debt agencies have sent letters to our building with this name.
  • oryxcallotis
    And I can't edit posts, but the name and flat number was just scribbled in pen.
  • Bigwheels1111
    For gods sake don’t call or reply.
    It was not you, so why worry. Not your name not your debt.
    I had 5 visits from bailiffs over tfl, Croydon tram fairs.
    Not my fines, told them to go for a long walk off a short pier.
    Plus the wife would bite them.

  • rigolith
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    They aren't allowed to break into your house. Make sure you lock the doors and it will be fine.

    If they try anything call 999.
  • user1977
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    People who want to break in and nick your stuff don’t usually leave you a note giving advance warning!
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