Fees have been paid to wrong bank account

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I am owed £979 from booking.com for hosting guests over new year -this money was paid to an account called  prepay technologies account instead .

Customer service told me that there had been outages in Jan which (in my case) obvs replaced my bank details 

booking.com are a lowest of the low company and I was nothing to do with them , they don’t respond to multiple email -they effectively take your money then disappear 

im now asking for the bank details of the original payee -it was Barclays Bank so I can put a trace on 

how can I retrieve this money ?


  • Letter before action then small claims court if needed.
  • Why are you asking for somebody else's bank details? If booking.com have paid the wrong account that's their problem, not yours.
    Letter before action, small claims.
    Though I wonder if booking.com actually have any assets or just lease everything to make enforcement difficult.
  • Yes ideally I would expect them to chase it but I just know they won’t . I did consider small claims 

    do you know if I can get a letter template on here? 
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    So to be clear here.

    Do you rent a property out via Booking.com? Given comment "I am owed £979 from booking.com for hosting guests over new year"

    If so then you can not trace the payment if it went to someone else's account.
    Only Booking.com can do that, as chase has to be done by their bank.
    You bank can not trace a payment they have not had any part in. Even if you both use the same bank.

    So how did your account details get swapped with someone else's? 

    Not a consumer rights issue either as you will be a business.
    Life in the slow lane
  • Apparently there were a series of outages in January ( they should have told Booking.com
    partners legally , buy quelle surprise they didn’t) so payees bank account details  disappeared to be replaced by others . 

    I was paid on 05/01/23 and was told payment would reach my account within 10 days , after receiving nothing by day 5 I checked my bank details only to find the details held were not mine.

    Looking on Twitter and other platforms people globally are not being paid on time -some months! 

    Apologies for not writing this in the correct part of the forum, I couldn’t see any relevant subsection 
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    I’ll ask for this to be moved to a business board.

    As above though you have no rights to third party details, you are going to be reliant on Booking.com sorting this out, so any legal action would be against them. 
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    It doesn't matter from your point of view whether booking.com have paid the fees to somebody else or not paid them at all, and it's not your responsibility (or right) to go on a wild goose chase for them - the point is they haven't paid you.
  • I know but what should I do , I get a very strong impression they will block and obfuscate any efforts for recourse -I’m in contact almost daily to irritate them into doing something -I hear nothing or get an auto message 

    so what can I do to make a creditor give me what I’m due ?
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    As has been suggested, you should send a letter before action warning that they have a time period (14 days maybe) and if no payment is made you will open a small claim.  This should be posted first class to their address - you will need this to make a claim.  Get a certificate of posting from the post office and keep a copy of your letter.
    If no payment has been received after the time is up make the claim and add the fee to the sum owed.

  • Okay I’ll try that, but it’s a global digital business based in Amsterdam so no doubt will be subject to different business laws .

    These businesses have so many clauses in their Ts & Cs that waive their responsibilities 

    I’ll follow the procedure for making a small claim 

    many thanks for your help 
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