Let's hear your kids' money tips...

Do your children have any MoneySaving or money-making tips? I'd love to hear them.



  • Savvy_Sue
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    Yes. When you move into University halls a mile from your family home, come home at regular intervals to raid the fridge. (When I challenged why this was happening, I was asked "Do you know how much MEAT costs?" Yes, my love, I do ...)
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  • Don't drink and go out too much according to my uni Son. 
    He's actually added to his savings since moving away, said the only ones that run out of money are those that want to be out more than they are in and drink a lot.
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    My 7 year old wants a bearded dragon as a pet, so we agreed he would do some household chores in return for payment, to help him save the money to buy it and all the equipment needed. He cleverly negotiated that we should double the payment each day he completed ALL five chores (make his bed, feed our dog breakfast, feed our dog dinner, put the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe the dinner table). He also can earn extra by doing less frequent jobs like putting the groceries away and helping sort the clean washing! It's really got him motivated to help around the house and it's looking likely we'll have a new addition to the family much sooner than expected...!!! 
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    “Can you phone and ask Granny?”
  • As a kid I was praised and glorified for saving the money that granny etc gave me for Christmas and birthdays.
    Eventually I'd saved the equivalent of less than a week's wages today. Fairly pointless in the scheme of things.

    I'll never know how much inspiration, learning and joy I missed out on by not buying things as a child. 

    My less-frugal school friends went on to become TV presenters, novelists, or opened shops relating to their life passion.

    Childhood is much better spent discovering new things that being miserly  
  • Nelliegrace
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    We transfer pocket money quarterly for the grandchildren. Before Covid they would visit the local second hand toy shop to buy Transformers, or go to bookshops, especially the charity ones, and book days. 
    With Covid they missed so many things. DD commented that they don’t use pocket money much now. 
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