Meter update has me using less than £1 for Gas a day

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 hello all,
 I have a prepayment Smart meter from Boost
I had a meter update sent out to my smart meter at the start of February. This resulted in my Gas usage going down from between £10 and £20 a day dependant on outside temperature to less than £1.
 I contacted them via webchat and was told there was not a problem and if there was an issue they would pick it up their end.
I have now received in the mail a letter stating that the latest update was successful.
Where do I stand on this now ?
I have tried to phone and speak to someone but all their lines are being dedicated to (vulnerable) people.
The webchat has been unavailable when I tried to use it to try and contact them and get the matter resolved.
As i have contacted them and explained the issue which was looked into and been told its all ok does that then mean I wont have to pay a huge bill once they actually realise they are wrong ?
My phone App has been stuck at the same balance all month. Credit is still going onto the smart meter hub but its still using pence when it should be pounds.
I should be paying between £150 to £200+ but I have no clue what my actual usage is because the display is wrong.
I worry that they will update it at some point and I will be cut off until the balance is payed.
I am topping up still but its best guess. I can not afford to just flood it with credit to be sure to cover it.
Any help and advice gratefully received.

 Thanks in advance


  • pochasepochase Forumite
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    You should put th emoney aside that you should have paid to them.

    You have made them aware of their mistake, but they are ignoring it, but that does not mean they cannot come back to you once they realise the error.

    ANd they can do this for 5 years. Not sure if the backbilling rule would protect you here as it would not be a bill shock when you ar eaware that you are not paying enoghh.
  • BobT36BobT36 Forumite
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    Sure that's actually your meter and not your in house display? 
  • EssexHebrideanEssexHebridean Forumite
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    BobT36 said:
    Sure that's actually your meter and not your in house display? 
    I think the OP is on prepay, so their actual meter may well be telling them a balance in £s. 
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  • MsttyMstty Forumite
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    Hello Max and welcome to the forum.

    I would echo some of the comments made and say put away the amount of money you should normally spend for when and if the recalculated bill lands.

    But also remember you have been denied all opportunity to read your meter daily and adjust your usage accordingly. I would use this as mitigating factors should they come back with an outrageous amount owed. You might have to do a bit of back and forth bartering.

  • MWTMWT Forumite
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    Mactronix said:
    I should be paying between £150 to £200+ but I have no clue what my actual usage is because the display is wrong.

    The app may be showing incorrect information, but what about the meter itself?

    It should be possible to display the current meter readings, the unit rates etc. on the meter, not just on your app...

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