Fitbit Frustrated with customer service!

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Bought a fit bit inspire . Fine  then one day on charge won’t work . Contacted Fitbit uk Cust services sorry 2 months OOD warranty.  Offer me discount to buy replacement …Reluctantly I did Inspire 2  plus a fancy metal strap for occasions wear.  A few months later in NZ. Put new metal strap on for sons wedding. Noticed must hear CLICK  I did . That evening …it’s gone ! Searched everywhere ..missing . Check tracker on phone , bizarre showed very few steps spasmodic . Try Cust service..log in , try chat line which won’t operate till u log in . Then
THIS SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE,   TRY … HELP directed to chat line OOS.  Try email. This service not available. 
Directs you to FORUM . I WOULD NOT BUY A FITBIT  as forum you see same issues. 
I’m cross, because daughter knew I missed it… and bought me ANOTHER INSPIRE 2. So they have had 3 purchases . On principle I would not poor customer service. I am still in NZ  no support. So not WORLDWIDE SUPPORT. BE WARNED ..DO NOT BUY EXPENSIVE METAL WRIST STRAP. 


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    I got a Fitbit as a freebie when taking out a new BT contract.  It went wrong twice while under their 2 year warranty (which is only 1 year now we're no longer part of the EU), so I'm on my 3rd one now, which doesn't show anything on the display. I use it only to record my steps which I check on the app. When it finally gives up the ghost, I won't get another. Way too flaky.
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  • I wonder if they have got more flakey with the more functions they have?  I bought a fitbit charge 2 when they first came out in 2016.  It's been on my wrist every day for 7 years.  It's been knocked about and scratched to death and still going strong.  I can't even say I've noticed the battery charge becoming poor.  I'd really like a new one but can't justify swapping it when this one works fine
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    Fitbit customer service is very good while you have a product that is in their current lineup - as soon as your product becomes in their view obsolete, they no longer want to know and their only interest is in persuading you to upgrade. 

    I'd agree with  the post above about the more functions = the flakier - my old Charge 2 was brilliant, but sadly ended up with a cracked screen so I replaced with the then current (but nearing end of currency) Charge 3 which was dreadful - I ended up taking two replacements in warranty both of which demonstrated exactly the same (well known!) faults, Eventually just gave up as a bad job and replacement with a Garmin product which I've been utterly delighted with - it does far more, and works far better than the fitbit ever did! We refer to Fitbits using a slight variation on the name in  my house - think along the lines of "word that rhymes with Fit...bit"  :wink: 
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