Money Moral Dilemma: Should we report neighbours who are in the 'wrong' council tax band?

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We found out we're in a higher council tax band than some bigger, more expensive properties on our street, so asked for our band to be reassessed. We were told it wouldn't be lowered, and were asked to indicate which houses on our street are in a lower band so they could be reassessed! There's not much to be gained by grassing up our neighbours, but we're annoyed we're paying a higher rate when they have larger, pricier homes. Should we say which houses are in a lower band so we might at least one day benefit from the extra council tax paid?

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  • lincroft1710
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    Entirely up to you! Considering the increase in CT paid will be infinitesimal in comparison with the amount of CT a council collects, you're unlikely to see any "benefits"

    If any of these houses have been extended by the current owners after 1 April 1993, then the CT bands cannot be increased.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    We extended our previous home in 2010, done with full planning permission, which when other people on the same street did it moved their house from E to F when the house sold. Somehow the council have screwed up and forgot to put an improvement marker on our house, so the people who bought it from us are still in band E. We made enough changes that it should have been rebanded. It's been like that for nearly 4 years now.
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    Absolutely not! Leave well alone, it's the Councils business to run their affairs not yours, and you could potentially bring a huge poo storm on yourself if your neighbours found out who'd initiated the change
  • No the council know what they charge other people. Just because you're upset why take it out on other innocent people?
  • Tell the council to do the job they are paid for and not to be recruiting neighbourhood spies!
  • This is nonsense, surely the council would know what band your neighbours were in
  • I think I would leave well alone. Indeed, the council should know what bands the people in your road are in. You have found out what band you should be in and their circumstances may be very diiferent to yours. we actually got a refund because we queried our band, as ours was higher than all our neighbours, and the rules stated that we had to be compared to neighbours who had very similar homes. Maybe your neighbours' homes are not identical to yours?
  • Is this even a question right now in a cost of living crisis? The council know what they charge people and they're quick to remind you if there is an issue!

    What do you gain from this? A sense of it's only fair? Prioritise your relationships with the people around you over having them pay the same as you. You don't know their individual circumstances. For all you know they are on the brink of collapse. How would you feel then? The real issues are at the top. Stop looking across from yourself and start looking up. Some of this is ideological. Unless your neighbour is in government, it's not their fault.
  • They might be house rich, but cash poor.
    How would you feel if a neighbour did it to you? 
    You've highlighted to the council that there's a potential banding issue, it's up to them to investigate not you.
  • If I suddenly find my CT has increased and been rebanded then I know who you are
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