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Unidentified houseplant - in urgent need of help!

Hi! Can anyone identify this house plant for me? 


  • McKneff
    McKneff Posts: 38,819 Forumite
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    A stick bit it looks dead
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • TheGardener
    TheGardener Posts: 3,303 Forumite
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    You are right - it's in urgent need of help but tbh - I think it's past it....or is it you who needs help - has a pet eaten it or something? 
  • Slinky
    Slinky Posts: 9,976 Forumite
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    Did it used to be a dragon tree?
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  • theoretica
    theoretica Posts: 12,297 Forumite
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    Had the whole of their cash in his care.
    Lewis Carroll
  • twopenny
    twopenny Posts: 5,517 Forumite
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    A neglected orchid.

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  • Emmia
    Emmia Posts: 3,146 Forumite
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    edited 12 February 2023 at 4:44PM
    How did it get into that state? 

    Is the soil wet? Overly dry? Where have you had it positioned? 

    There's something green at the tip of the plant, so its probably alive (barely)

    Is there any indication as to what it might be on the plastic inner pot? (some of mine have a sales / price label there, or it's printed on the pot sometimes)
  • cheerfulcat
    cheerfulcat Posts: 3,336 Forumite
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    Definitely aeonium.
  • Katiehound
    Katiehound Posts: 7,539 Forumite
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    Whatever it is, it is unlikely to survive- look at the wizened bit of stem about 1/3 of the way up.
    Really, is this a wind -up??

    You could maybe cut off the top inch or so and put it in some new potting compost........
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    Many thanks
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  • Agree with id as Aeonium - they take easily from cuttings - you could probably cut the stem into several c. 6" cuttings and get several new plants from it. Leave the bottom 6" with the root but repot and water and that should shoot out and grow too! :)
  • MikeJXE
    MikeJXE Posts: 3,094 Forumite
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    twopenny said:
    A neglected orchid.
    My first thought also as my granddaughter has one the same 
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