BT Broadband: Said they would refund, but now they won't

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I ordered a new BT Fibre broadband connection on the 14th October 2022, it's been very delayed and I should finally be getting it over 4 months later on the 20th Feb.

I've phoned BT twice in that period (22nd Nov and 11th Jan) to be updated on whats going on, and both times the customer service advisors told me I would be entitled to £5.25 per day compensation due to this delay.

I didn't know the exact date that BT class a 'delay' as starting, but let's presume it's a month from the ordering date and tidy it up to 90 days, that would be £472.50 or the best part of 15 months worth of broadband on a 24 month contract. I'm not stupid, I know no company is going to pay this!

I've just got off the phone again with them, enquiring how much compensation I would be getting as I want to work out my finances. After looking at my account the advisor said I wouldn't be entitled to anything as the delay compensation is any delays from the given activation date, which is 20th Feb. With this I was struggling not to lose my rag, but he offered me 1 months credit on my account as 'a good will gesture' (which when said just made me angrier  :D) at which point I said I would consider my options.

I'm now going to put an official complaint in via BT's complaints system, but I just thought I'd ask the question here as well, basically does the fact two customer service advisors told me I would get compensation hold any weight? I'm not so bothered about the money, it's more the principal that the only reason i've gone without internet in my new place for so long is because they said about this compensation, otherwise I'd have cancelled and looked for a business that could offer the service quicker, I feel I've been lied too just to keep me hanging on until they can lock me into their contract.

Thanks in advance.


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