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Lodge park owners

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    No our council tax is included in our ground rent
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    toone said:
    No our council tax is included in our ground rent
    That doesn't sound right, council tax is not included in ground rent you either pay it or if you don't then it's not a 12 month residential park subject to council tax so the £400 is unfortunately not available to yourself.
    Energy Provider Eon Next v18 2 year fixed ends April 2024 29.24p kwh
    Energy Used Electricity only. Used 5975kwh in the last year in a 4/5 bedroom detached house EPC high B. Designed not retro-fitted ASHP Mitsubishi Ecodan, under floor heating ground floor, radiators 1st floor. Multi-fuel burner in lounge. 

    Energy usage reduction success below 6000kwh a year. Comfortable 19-21oC through winter depending on the room and vaulted ceilings etc.

    Dyslexia sufferer don't be too harsh if I get things a bit topsy turdy.
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    toone said:
    No it is open all year round and there is no set time for you to be off the site but the council does say you must have another address so I use my daughters because I go and see her quite often which mean I am off the site at least 1 month of the year
    There is no reason for the Council to insist you have another address other than that the site is not licenced for residential occupation, and therefore you are not required to pay Council Tax.
    Requiring people to be off-site for 1 month a year is a common dodge to deal with the fact that the site is not a residential site, and that does have consequences sadly...
    toone said:
    No our council tax is included in our ground rent
    This isn't an HMO, where the landlord is responsible for the Council Tax, to the best of my knowledge, it cannot be included in the ground rent, and the '11 month' thing strongly suggests your site is not licenced for residential use...

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    The park owner will be paying business rates rather than council tax and no doubt that is built into you rental costs.They will also be paying uncapped business tariffs for electricity which is why you are unit costs are so high.
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