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No minimum payment

Hi, I have a credit card and for the last few months (despite calling several times) statements are being generated showing no payment as being required. I have since checked my account and interest is still being applied. Where do I stand in refusing to pay the interest given I have not been asked to make any payments? (I know I should maybe have continued to pay but given current cost of living this has been a slight help). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks 


  • nl8517
    I should also say that the interest applied has taken me over my credit limit
  • eskbanker
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    Do the statements accurately reflect transactions, interest added, etc, but simply present a zero figure required for payment?  Are you able to share a redacted screenshot/image?

    You might be able to secure some sort of concession from the card company (which one is it btw?) but I wouldn't bank on it, so it would seem prudent to restart repayments sooner rather than later....
  • Martin_the_Unjust
    I’m not sure that a statement showing ‘no minimum payment’ means you don’t have to bother making any payments.
  • nl8517
    Yes shows interest added but says that minimum payment requires is £0.00. I've not had any letters or contact asking for payment.
    I have called and advised several times. This is with TSB (wouldn't recommend them at all)!
  • eskbanker
    eskbanker Posts: 31,823 Forumite
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    Is this card being managed according to contractual terms or is it under payment plan conditions?  You'd posted previously about an arrangement to pay on a TSB card....

    How do your credit files show the conduct of the account?
  • cymruchris
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    edited 11 February 2023 at 2:29AM
    What 'actual' payments are you making? Just to be clear - are you saying that you've been making NO payments?

    An ex-bankrupt on a journey of recovery. Feel free to send me a DM reference credit building credit cards from the usual suspects :) Happy to help others going through what I've been through!
  • soolin
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    This isn't really my field, but are you on some sort of payment plan or something due to hardship where you have an agreement that interest will be stopped?

    The minimum payment on a CC is not linked to interest charged as such, even if you pay a minimum payment interest is still paid on the eligible amount since last statement- making any payment doesn't stop that. Leave aside the oddness of the missing minimum amount, what led you to believe interest wasn't going to be charged?

    On my CC even if I pay more than the minimum amount, even nearly the whole amount I will still get interest added on the next bill - except on very rare occasions I don't pay interest but only because I pay the full amount off at the due point each month. 
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  • bsms1147
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    Returning anything regularly for refunds on your credit card? That could count if in excess of your minimum.
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