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Hello everyone. I can't seem to find the right category to post in so I'm sorry if this is the wrong one for my question. All I need to do is find a telephone number for Tide Online Banking. They closed our business account suddenly and with no explanation and I am still trying to contact the to find out why. More to the point I am trying to contact them so that I can get our bank statements sent to us but all I get when I email them is a generic message saying they will keep our 'chat' open for 24 hours and then I can contact them again, which isn't that helpful. I've tried emailing them about complaints but I won't get a reply until next week, if ever, because I've only just sent it today. All I need is a human being to talk to and then the simple request for our statements to be sent to us looked into. Any and all answers will be very gratefully received so thank  you and kind regards, Claudine


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