Warranty when buying new phone on ebay

I am bidding for a new Samsung phone on eBay. It is listed as unwanted gift and was bought last week from O2. Does anybody know whether the warranty will come from o2 or the manufacturer? The seller said he will provide the receipt. Samsung warranty is usually two years. Thanks


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    I am surprised O2 sell Samsung phones without a contract ie device only. If the phone WAS bought as part of a contract and the seller stops paying O2 then you might find the phone suddenly stops working.

    The warranty will come from O2 but check the warranty is transferrable.
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    Having heard many horror stories around people that upgrade their phones - or take out a new contract - then sell the phone - and then stop paying - with the phones being subsequently blocked - personally I wouldn't be buying any phone that was bought last week and being sold on ebay. As long as you're aware of those risks - then should it develop a fault and you have the receipt, then you could take it back to O2 - however if they found out that you weren't the original purchaser, you might get into difficulty as the warranty is generally with the purchaser unless the guarantee specifically allows you to transfer it to another person. (I know Apple covers the product not the person - but not sure about O2)
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    I would contact the retailer and manufacturer. I bought some headphones and was able to confirm with the manufacturer that the product was still under warranty with the serial number.
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    Assume anything you buy on eBay comes with no warranty. 
    If you do find your item is covered, then its a bonus. 
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    No warranty unless Samsung offer it as a used device?  And as mentioned is it cheap enough to risk that the seller got the
    phone on a contract and may not pay for it so the phone gets blacklisted leaving you with an expensive paperweight.

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    If it’s an unwanted gift that was only purchased last week and the seller has the receipt, why aren’t they taking it back to the shop for a refund ? I would proceed with a lot of caution, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.
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    I was wondering the same. Will have to ask.
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    ahfat41 said:
    I was wondering the same. Will have to ask.
    A scammer will tell you exactly what you want to hear
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