PAYG meter with existing gov help credit. Want to move to DD.

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just moved into a property with EON PAYG smart meter. The property was empty for a while before me & this meter is newly installed. I can see a credit amount on the meter which I suspect is the gov help amount. 

I’d like to change to DD & review suppliers. I was with EDF on a good fixed rate but doubt I can move it over as that was Economy 7. Here I have the smart meter & EON also supply gas.

I contacted EON who said it wasn’t just a smart meter, it was a PAYG meter. They have no interest in changing it to DD. There is a freeze on credit checks. I said it didn’t sound right & was asked to email a copy of my tenancy contract. So maybe not a hard NO. 

Q1.  Is this legal?
Q2.  To change, is it a change of meter or just change of account type, ie. gathered info from meter charged differently.
Q3. If I can change, do I lose the credit? Not much but helpful. 

Many thanks :)


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    Can you confirm the make and model of the meter? That will help people get a clearer picture of what might be possible. 

    I've never heard of any smart meters that are designated as "only" being for PAYG - my understanding is that a remote switch should be possible if there are no other contra-indications for this being done.

    Edit to add: You have registered your own details with Eon after you've moved in, have you? I believe even though it is PAYG you'd still need to do this. 
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    1) I've heard of some suppliers wanting new tenants to wait a while before they'll switch them to a credit meter, not heard of them saying there's a freeze on credit checks though! You could offer to pay them a deposit instead, or raise it as a complaint?

    2) If it's a smart pay as you go meter you no longer need a physical meter change, its just a change from their end to put the meter in credit/pay as you go mode.

    3) The credit isn't yours, as EssexHebridean says, you need to register your own details with Eon, and they should send you out a new key/account details for adding credit online. If it's not registered to you, you won't be adding credit to your own account but the previous tenants.
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    Many thanks for your responses.

    I spoke to E.ON Next again & have the info needed to register. There was a meter key in the flat & an out of date booklet.

    I asked again to switch to DD & was told it was a ‘business decision’ not to change people from prepayment to credit. Only in exceptional circumstances will they allow it, ie. medically unfit to go to shop to top up. Those cases are escalated by their manager to EON for consideration.

    It is a no to a change of account, no to a credit check, no discussion of anything else such as a deposit. They don’t do it. I have booked a call with citizen’s advice to discuss as well. Sounds dodgy.

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    The meter is Secure Liberty 100. I now think it supports both PAYG & Credit Accounts.

    I assumed the credit was part of the gov help payment but I know now you have to apply for that & it’s issued as a voucher. It isn’t automatically applied as in a Credit Account. 

    The landlord (employee) asked me to use the existing key to top up. The account is in his company’s name. They own the building. If I did, EON would be none the wiser but it would create future confusion if I registered with move in date of 1.2.23. Given I seem to be locked into a prepayment tarrif, I’m inclined to keep it if I can. It’s considerably more expensive!

    Q4. Can you change energy suppliers on a PAYG meter? I may be able to get a better tarrif or even change to a credit account....

    Many thanks again.
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