Looking to switch. Now or best to wait after April?

Title. Currently paying £40 for 100Mbps with Cuckoo. 

Looking to upgrade to 500Mbps. Vodafone seems the cheapest for £30/m, although it's 24m contract. However if I switch now I probably will get hit by the price hike in April. Right after they will probably adjust tariffs to still do rounded numbers. Is it worth waiting? When is the hike exactly happening and what can we expect in terms of price changes?

TalkTalk is also appealing due to their eero routers (WiFi 6), although 500Mbps are £40, hard to justify. Vodafone, Plusnet and others seem all to still use WiFi 5 routers. 


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    I'm in the same boat, can switch after 14 Feb but thinking that the deals will probably be the same come April without the built in 14% increase.  I think at least one company (Shell?) have stated that they won't apply the April 23 increase to those who joined this year.  Still next April 24's increase of course.

    If I were the gov I would say either the advertised monthly price has to include the greater than inflation part of any price increase or that any above inflation increase allows a contract to end early - otherwise they are just building in higher inflation.
    I think....
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