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Hi I had to do a DRO on 9th March 2018, discharged/satisfied 9th March 2019. I need to leave my current rental and now I'm hitting a wall with renting a new property. They ask if you have any 'adverse credit' and I reply honestly, but the last letting agent just said that as my DRO was for 10.5k and it will show on my credit history when they credit check me they couldn't even consider me. They would consider me if my debt was under 10k with a home owner Guarantor, but she said my current record would void the Landlords insurance! Does this seem correct?

I've just credit checked myself, I scored 272 out of 500 indicative of a medium risk tenant (Equifax credit score 518 out of 100 considered Fair) Everything on credit report is fine except for a last box that shows my DRO as satisfied on 09-03-2019 - they recommendation is 'Medium Risk, Should be a suitable Tenant'

Should I declare my DRO before referencing or just see if it picks it up on credit scoring, I know it should drop on my record next year but I need to move now unfortunately.

Thank you for any help


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    Ignore the credit score. It's a made up number.

    Check your credit records using the MSE guidance.
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    It is worth asking other agents, with the DRO being satisfied it should be ok (deprending on the wording) with some as you do not currently have adverse, but have had in the past. Some landlords also rent without an agent so if you have always paid rent on time they may well consider you.
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    Hi, with your DRO it will stay on your credit report until next March, or thereabouts. (Mine didn't drop off immediately).

    It's always better to be upfront and honest about it because, as you say, a credit check will reveal the DRO and if you have already forewarned people then that will go in your favour (although not in every case, as you have said).

    Not all landlords will see you as a risk, though, as SusieT says, above. If you have a record of paying rent regularly and on time, someone should consider you.

    I was a council tenant when I was granted a DRO and just carried on paying my rent as normal and nothing was said - even if the council found out about it - which I doubt they would unless my account was in arrears.

    Is there any chance you could apply to your council if you are about to be made homeless? I know it sounds extreme but you say you need to move now. It might be worth a phone call just to ask, anyway. And council rent is usually much cheaper than private rent, too. 

    Good luck, I hope you find something soon but do try the council. They don't seem to be quite as judgemental as private landlords, in my experience. And you may also be entitled to some help with rent and council tax but obviously that's another subject for another day.  
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