Fabulous February's NSD Challenge!

This challenge is about setting yourself a weekly/monthly target of how many No Spend Days you would like to achieve during February. To join, just post your personal target and you are on your way!

Tips for the challenge:
1. Decide on a clear goal weekly or monthly of how many No Spend days you'd like to try and achieve. If you've never done the challenge before, it's probably better to start with a goal of 10 or (at most) 15.
2. It is fine to exclude necessary expenses eg petrol, groceries, pet food, etc, when it comes to deciding what is and isn't an NSD. It is also completely fine to exclude automated or recurring payments such as bills, mortgage or direct debits.
3. It does help to post every time you notch up an NSD, or at least every two or three days ... it's easy to lose track! If you want to keep track of your NSDs in your MSE signature, that can be really motivating too image
4. It also helps to bookmark the thread, it's much easier to find image
5. NSDs are trickier than they seem and easily derailed. It makes the challenge much easier if you notch up as many as you can in the first half of the month.


Off to a start = image
5 days = image
10 days = image
15 days = image
20 days = image Target reached = image Target beaten = image
In April I am taking a break from buying: Books


  • cathybird
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    edited 2 February 2023 at 12:47AM
    February targets
    annetheman 10 beanielou 15 bekah89 15 cathybird 15 cherry 22 13 CMD79 craftingmad Crazycatlady2 20 funfairprincess 10 GeorgianaCavendish 16 gm2917 15 HappyFriday05 herebeme 15 jammy dodger 15 KajiKita 20 Karb 15 leftatthetrafficlights 15 lindsaygalaxy LittleMissDetermined 18 LLM2018 18 Makingabobor2 16 Money Choices MrsCautious 20 MummyRivett newroadahead 15 outoftheviciouscircle QueenJess 15 Rupacomp 15 Saver-upper 15 short bird 18 SueP19 12 the-mrs 15 try harder
    Newcomers welcome :)
    In April I am taking a break from buying: Books
  • newroadahead
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    edited 31 January 2023 at 1:37PM
    Hi Cathybird

    Thanks again for the thread, I would like to do 15 NSD in February after achieving over my target in January.
    Hopefully this will be achievable

    NewRoadAhead Debts Sep 2009 £35,000.00Debt Free November 2014January GC £ 245.75/£250NSD January 13/10February GC £250.00NSD February 2/15
  • SueP19
    SueP19 Posts: 1,876 Forumite
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    Target for me this month is 12 please 
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  • Karb
    Karb Posts: 853 Forumite
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    I'm aiming for 15 days again this month - I just scraped in last month, so will have three fewer spending days this month. 
    Debt free since December 2015. It can be done

  • I'm declaring early today - I've got my grandbaby later so won't be venturing out (takes up too much playing time! 😉😂) 

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  • Hi everyone I'll aim for 13 NSDs for this month please @cathybird
    £1 a day for 2023 #58 £165/£365
  • QueenJess
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    Declaring an early NSD today.
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  • Off to a start with NSD #1 today please

    Thanks for the shiny new thread @cathybird - I really like the emojis for this month :) 
  • It's NSD #1 for me today
    LMD x
    Life gets in the way...PADding is addictive...Saving's better than spending...
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  • short_bird
    short_bird Posts: 3,663 Forumite
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    Early call for day 1.
    Good luck everyone: it's not the destination, it's the journey.
    Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.
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