Would future employers wait on someone working their redundancy notice period?

My boss made it clear he might let me off by a week or so but anything more I’ll not get my redundancy which is 8 weeks pay. Head of HR said any decent employer will be willing to wait on you but then she would say that anyway.  

What’s your thoughts? 


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    8 Weeks is nothing, have you a job offer?
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    Probably depends on how many applicants. Most people have to give at least 4 weeks notice at their current place of employment.
  • n1guyn1guy Forumite
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    8 Weeks is nothing, have you a job offer?
    No. But want to apply for something I’ve a good chance of getting. 
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    Yes, any employer that's decent will realise that anyone they hire is going to have to work their notice with their old employer. Anything 4-12 weeks is normal. If you've already handed in your notice then I imagine it's not all that likely you would have a new job in hand with a start date less than 8 weeks away anyway - most employers are going to take a few weeks to hire and sort out the paperwork etc.
  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    So apply.  1 week for them to review applications.  1 - 2 weeks before an interview.  1 week for them to agree they want you.  That's leaves 4 weeks until you can join them.  That's not a problem at all.  

    Good luck with the job applications!!  Something will surely come your way.
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