Central Heating Booster Pump?

Hi All, I'll try and keep it short, but if any details are missing, please ask.

I've currently got 2 boilers and 2 central heating loops (dont ask) and am triyng to consolodate into a single boiler for obvious reasons, the boiler is more than capable of handling the full set of rads with at least 30% capacity spare after all are on.

I've extended the feed pipes from the main loop to the "second" loop and all is "working" but the flow is terrible - I've dealt with the airlocks etc but the "new" loop barely gets lukewarm.

Im convinced that the issue isthe pump isnt powerfull enough, as ive had to feed up into the atic and back down, the "feed" gets warm but there very limioted flow on the return. The pump in my boiler has a head of 8m, adding up the full run is probably closer to 12.

If I add one of these in the attic:


Will this do what I think and just help the flow? I'm reluctant to spend too much as there is building work expected in Summer '24 that will eliminate the need for the pipework to go into the attic and all numbers will fall well within the range of the "normal" pump.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.


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    The pump you link to doesn't say if it is suitable for central heating systems  I have my doubts if it would be.. And it is only for 15mm pipe.
    A pump specifically designed for central heating would be better, but you'd need to run a cable back to the existing pump so that they both turn on/off at the same time.
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