London Warmer Homes Scheme and Eco Target

Good morning, I need some advice on how to deal with a company. I have successfully applied to the London Warmer Homes Scheme in November and straight away I received an email from Retrofitworks, which apparently manage the scheme and which allocated the job to Eco Target. Eco Target assessed my property in November, called me back straight after the visit offering a replacement boiler and other improvements and then promptly disappeared. I have emailed, sent messages on social media, called many many times and whenever I manage to get someone on the phone, they 'look into it', 'the person dealing with it is not there',  'we cancelled it but we don't know why probably a mistake' and so on and so forth, always ending with a 'we will call you back today' and they never do. My grant will expire in March and they are literally wasting it. Retrofitworks do not pick up or return my calls, Warmer Homes told me to wait, I am not sure how to proceed but I feel very aggrieved that I will lose the opportunity to have improvments done because of one company absolutely abysmal behaviour. Looking on Trustpilot I am not alone and they have done it before. How can I make them accountable?


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    Contact your local Councillor and get him/her to raise a complaint. If that doesn't get things moving, your MP.
    This funding is being provided by central government and overseen by local councils, so a well aimed complaint to both is called for.
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