Late penalty self assessment tax return

Had a letter through today imposing a penalty on the decesased of £100 for late filing tax return. He usually did it online so I thought I would have until 31 January to do it? Also HMRC had verbally told me during a tel call that a self assessment form was not needed. Plus HMRC have never corresponded with me until today.

Anybody else experienced this? 


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    I’m in a similar situation. Parent passed away last year and usually did their take returns online, so don’t have any login details. I hadn’t heard from hmrc since I filled in the tell us once so gave them a call in October to make sure they were aware. I was told that they were aware and to wait for them to contact me. To date I still haven’t had any contact from them so unable to fill in a tax return.

    I’m giving them a couple more weeks before I make contact again, however now expecting a letter like you. 
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    Had a letter through today imposing a penalty on the decesased of £100 for late filing tax return.

    Anybody else experienced this? 
    Yes, I subsequently filed a final and late tax return then wrote back to HMRC explaining what I'd done and that the tax payer had passed away and they cancelled the £100 penalty.

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    Thanks - I have now rang HMRC to query the £100 and they said that they had issued the letter in error. I wish they didn't send such threatening letters.
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