Voluntary Redunancy Process

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To get straight to the point, the business has emailed staff about voluntary redundancy they are looking for over 100 people to apply and they have given us 2 weeks to put in applications. With redundancies expected to happen in new tax year - but if accepted can happen sooner

Should they not get the number they want - voluntary then becomes compulsory.

No elected members of staff assigned, no town halls, no meetings of any kind to discuss with staff and so far a failure to properly consult with us (least I think so at this point anyway)

I'm reading through ACAS info as well as using previous experience with redundancy and appreciate the info gives you the run down of how processes should work, however with such a deadline to get in applications and so far nothing else scheduled in terms of meetings to help consult staff I feel like there is some red flags here that I can't put my finger on and explain that make me feel like this voluntary redundancy process so far just hasn't been up to snuff.

Could anyone else help me understand what I'm missing, perhaps I'm wrong in my assessment so either way just looking for assistance in better understanding how this should all be working.


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    I don’t think there Is an issue with voluntary redundancy as it’s purely voluntary. So the same processes don’t need to be followed. 

    If they don’t get the numbers then they will have to go down compulsory route which will obviously mean a more formal process has to be followed. 
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    Sounds quite standard. They should have told you the terms of the voluntary redundancy and how to apply. There doesn't need to be any consultation as it's voluntary. 
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    Fairly standard process - ask for volunteers, weigh up the cost/benefit of those who've applied then decide whether you're going to have to go 'full process'
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    Thanks everyone. 

    I think it's safe to say perhaps that my inexperience with a voluntary aspect of redundancy had left me a little confused 
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