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Please help....
British Gas has again illegally without my authorisation taken out of my bank account last night £624.58; which has left me overdrawn.
How is this when my bill states that i am in credit by £492.83 and my monthly DD according to my latest statement in Jan are spot on.


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    Have a look at your last bill ?  Is there any comment on there about a change of DD ?    

    What is your tariff - is it a monthly variable DD -   

    Is it possible that you have had a series of estimated bills and BG has now got an actual reading either from your self, SMART or a meter reading ?

    If you are sure BG is at fault then contact your bank to claim the DD back

    Never pay on an estimated bill
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    BG does not need your authorisation, they just need to inform you. This can happen also in your online account or on a bill and does not require a letter or email.

    Please answer the questions @Robin9 has raised.

    One additional point is that BG only bills every 6 months, but shows an increasing credit in your account in the meantime, The online account shows only your payments but not your usage until the bill is issued, so it might look like a guge credit when in reality you might be in debt.
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    If you were not informed in advance then just ask your bank to reverse the debit. They cannot decline.
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