Premium Bonds Error

Today I transferred money to premium bonds but forgot to put the reference number on the transaction. Has anyone done this before and how did you rectify the situation?  Wondering of rhe payment will just be rejected and sent back to my bank account or if I should contact them 


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    The money will be traceable to you so i wouldn't let it stress you out. You havent lost it, it will be yours. 

    I would give them a call though so they can proactively ensure it gets credited to your account and hopefully in time for the next draw.  
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    Doesn't help you now but for future payments it takes longer when doing bank transfers than it does doing debit card payments via the NsandI website. I always do the latter now which also means you dont need to remember to add a reference.
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    I thought this was going to be about the calculator which is still wrong! Well, that or I really do have a 47% chance of becoming a millionaire in the next five years :D:D
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