Keep it simple, stoopid

Hi all. Need your collective brains please.
Before kids I was all over the finances. But two kids later, and no spare time, I have let things slip. Want to try and get back on top of things though. Our savings are hardly working for us. So looking for a simple process.
Currently £3k in a virgin isa paying 0.2% interest monthly - less than £1 per month
£900 in a BoS account paying 0.5% annually
£750 in a BoS regular saver paying 4.5% annually
I am paying the max, £250 per month from the BoS account into the regular saver.
But think I should be emptying the isa first, as it is lower interest, but its Monthly?
Or is there another account, preferably virgin or BoS that I can put the isa and saving account into, esrning better rate, monthly?
Mortgage: 01/02/14 - £108k
Mortgage: Current - £97k
Mission: MF by 50


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