Lantern DCA Confusing problem.

This might be in the wrong forum, for which if it is, i apologise.

Last week i received a demand from Lantern, saying that they've been trying to find me. (News to me i have lived in my current address for twelve years)  They have issued a demand for £250 saying that i owe it. 
Now they don't say what the 'actual debt' is, they are just demanding that I pay it.  Calling them they demand payment and won't listen to what i am asking. Just pay now and we will sort out any problems later. 

But I've gone back through my credit history for the past eight years, and there is nothing there.  I don't remember defaulting on anything either. 

This company is threatening to trash my credit score and drag me through the courts.  But they are not giving me any useful information.  Now they are threatening me with ''Doorstep collection officers'' 
I was going to send them a statue barred letter, but without identifying what i am supposed to owe and to whom i can't according to Citizens advice. 

What can i do? I loathe talking to them again, as i called them from my mobile and they now have the number so they are texting ''reminders'' roughly every three days.


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    You send them a prove-it, by post sent signed for.

    Keep a record of everything

    You can't state that it's statute barred atm, but it may be once you get info from them.

    At £250 it sounds like a parking fine and that wouldn't be on your credit file, but they should tell you.
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    When dealing with debt collectors, you do everything in writing, not over the phone, its never productive, as you have discovered.

    Nearly all collection letters will start with the sentence "We have been trying to contact you", usually its the first the customer knows about the debt.

    Its a subtle way for them to introduce a sense of urgency, that you must contact them and pay this debt on pain of death, well the good news is you do not have to dance to the beat of their drum, these letters are worded so as to urge you to contact them, the lack of information in the letter adds to this urgency, its really all smoke and mirrors.

    Your best response is to send the "provit letter", a collector must respond with information when they are asked to do so in writing.

    Lantern used to be known as "Motormile Finance" until they were hauled over the coals by the FCA for bad debt collection practices, fined a lot of money, and ordered to sort themselves out, otherwise their consumer credit licence would be revoked, this resulted in a root to branch overhaul of their business practices, including new management, and a change of name, however old habits appear to die hard, and it seems they are up to there old tricks again.
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  • NuttyPomchi
    Thanks for the information.  I will find and download a prove it letter. 

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