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I ordered a mobile phone directly from HMD/Nokia (based in Finland?) back in October. I missed the initial delivery attempt by DHL so it was delivered to my local corner shop. It took a few days to get a collection code from DHL but when I did the shop said they couldn't find it. After some phone calls and many emails DHL have said they consider it lost and to ask for a refund from HMD/Nokia but they are refusing liability and say I have to make a claim with DHL. Because of the stalemate I have tried to do a chargeback with my bank (Chase) who intially said the seller had until 25th December but that day passed and they just keep saying they are investigating. All three have said my case has been "escalated" but here I am approaching three months since I placed my order with no phone and no refund.


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    If this was a UK retailer, your dispute would be with the retailer, it's their responsibility until it's in your possession.  With the retailer being Finnish, your rights are those described in Finnish consumer laws, so you need to check who is responsible.
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    I have contacted the Finnish consumer advice people who put me onto the UKICC because I am in the UK. I had contacted them back in December but they've never gotten back to me.
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    Make a formal complaint against Chase, shouldn't be taking this long.

    Let's Be Careful Out There
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    Got an update today from Chase! They said Nokia tried to dispute the chargeback but Chase were not satisfied with the evidence they provided (what evidence could they have? DHL tracking still says it's waiting to be collected from the local Parceshop because their system doesn't support "lost" as a status) so they have until 22nd February to respond. It's dragging on!
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