ADHD diagnosis in Wales

We live in Wales on the border between England and Wales. Our adult son (aged23) has been having private therapy for 3 years (couldn’t wait for nhs) as he had mental health issues. The current therapist suggested that he thought that my son had undiagnosed ADHD. We tried to pursue this via the mental health nurse at our GP Surgery and she advised that she could refer my son to the NHS in our local health board but there was no time frame on when he would be seen. We therefore felt we had no option but to seek a private diagnosis (which was also difficult to find due to high demand). We finally got an assessment and diagnosis but were advised by our GP Surgery that they would now remove my son from the NHS Referral list for an assessment and diagnosis as we chose to go privately which means that we will have to pay for private prescriptions forever more (currently costs £150). Our GP Surgery have also stated that they will not enter into any shared care arrangements with the Practitioner that diagnosed my son. I have queried this with my GP surgery several times and always get this response. I have also written to the Welsh Health Minister who really didn’t answer any of my questions but referred me to our Local Health Board complaints dept.  Can anyone advise what the rules are in Wales and whether my GP Surgery are allowed to do this? 


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    Hi, if you google this - complaints about NHS GPs in Wales

    A lot of links pop up and you can click on the one that is most relevant to you, for instance -

    But there are many other different links that appear to be helpful.

    And I know it's not easy these days but could you start to apply for a change of NHS GP?
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    What about contacting a charity or support group  for ADHD. It's possible that they've come across this situation before and can advise. 
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    I found this via google which seems to fit your circumstances.
    Information for Patients - North Cardiff Medical Centre
    It would seem to suggest you need to check your local health board policies with regards to what your GP would normally be able to prescribe. 

    It does seem to suggest though that you should be able to transfer back into the NHS from the private provider, but you can't use both at the same time. If your GP is saying no to transferring back, that could form the basis of a complaint but using your GP and the private provider together does seem to be against the rules as they stand. 
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