Budgeting and saving as a couple

There are some great posts on budgeting apps for individuals already, but the combination of these is not clear - what are the options for budgeting apps for couples? What we're looking for is our separate amounts and joint account to be automatically categorised and budgeting suggested (things like YNAB, Emma and Money Dashboard look good, but I don't think they are for accounts belonging to different people), and ideally to automate saving (like Plum).

Our current compromise is to look at Emma and Money Dashboard that allow export to csv so we can get a joint view in a spreadsheet, but that's not ideal, and these I don't think these apps have the same ability to automate saving as something like Plum that can squirrel away money without you noticing if it believes you do not need it urgently. No point in doing that without a view of both of our finances though!


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