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Hi all,

I am currently with Bulb soon to be Octopus I believe. I'm having storage batteries installed soon to sit alongside my solar. I don't generate enough surplus energy through these to fill the batteries during the day (especially at the moment). Does anyone recommend a tariff so I could charge these off-peak to use during the day? I was thinking of an EV tariff but I don't have an EV car is that going to matter? 

Anyone with a similar setup any advice would be appreciated. 


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    We don't have an EV so chose Agile as the next best option for us. You could also look at E7 if you'd prefer fixed hours each night to charge batteries.

    Octopus allow you to switch tariffs every 30 days (we've swapped between fixed and agile outgoing a few times) so it's not a big problem if you change your mind or prices move
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    I would have thought Agile would be best if your battery capacity is good enough and you keep monitoring.

    Bulb on E7 has a low ratio difference between peak and off peak. So, its not usually as good for solar/battery.  EDF is 7p (inc vat) for us off peak (economy 7). I am in the switching process now from bulb to them.    Our solar is being installed in April.   The modelling indicates we probably will not use peak electricity again after that.  Just solar and off peak.    I will stick with EDF initially at 7p whilst I learn the system and understand it more.    Once I have confidence, I would probably look at Agile.

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    Thanks both, 

    I've seen the agile tariff, It would be interesting to hear some figures for Agile or your experience with it? 
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    edited 15 January at 4:59PM is one of the sites that's got Agile data.

    @dunstonh is quite correct that low differential between off peak and peak prices isn't great for battery users, but in Octopus' case that can be balanced against their high 15p/kWh export rate. We went with E7 rather than Agile as it's rather more hands off - if you're happy to keep watching prices and charging/exporting accordingly than Agile will probably pay off. Then there's the Tracker tariff to consider too.
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