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Gumtree buyer paid cash on inspection but hasn't collected

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    GDB2222 said:
    Can I ask how much money is involved? There’s no point getting stuck into the legal niceties if you’re just talking about £10. 

    The other issue is that you presumably need to be rid of this item, and you can’t do your landscaping work round it.

    In practice, all you can do is nag a couple of times more, and then issue a formal notice that you will dispose of the item in say two weeks unless they come and collect it. That then opens up questions about how you dispose of it, eg how easy was it to sell in the first place? If you do get money for selling it a second time, that would belong to the original buyer. OTOH, as time runs out, you might have to pay to dispose of it. 
    It's over a hundred ££.  So odd! Landscaping - yes, that's right. Thanks for the advice - maybe the cleanest way if I go down the route of disposing is find someone to do the removal for the same amount I got for it.

    The buyer must have received your earlier communications. Otherwise, how would they have got in touch with you?

    The cost of transporting a shed could easily be £100-200. And, that's assuming it fits into a transit. If it needs a flatbed truck to transport it, there's no economic way to move it. That's why a secondhand shed has negative value :)

    I'm not altogether surprised it hasn't been picked up. Your buyer was naive, and you're very lucky they paid cash.

    Your cheapest option for disposing of it is to saw it up into small enough bits to go into the boot of your car, then take it to the dump. You can saw sheds up with a handsaw pretty easily, and just regard it as good exercise. 

    So, really your only problem is getting the buyer's consent and/or serving the correct notices under the Torts Interference.... Act. 

    No reliance should be placed on the above! Absolutely none, do you hear?
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    Send the buyer a message stating you can no longer store it. Provide a reasonable amount of time for the buyer to organise collection with a strict deadline. That way should the buyer wish to take anything further at a later date you have evidence to show you stored the item for a while and attempted to facilitate collection etc. 
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    Hi OP

    I'd be grateful if, when you get a response from gumtree if you would share some of the info with us.

    What's happening to you is worth remembering as no one wants to sit on something for yonks especially if its a large item
    and the platform used should have clear guidelines.

    Good luck
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