Lidl - Sanitas SZA 80 Sonic Toothbrush - Spare Toothbrush Head Sourcing - TOO EXPENSIVE!

I know there are several posts on this forum related to this subject but it appears the discussions have now closed so no more contributions can be made.

I bought one of these sonic toothbrushes several years ago along with a supply of spare heads to see me through at least for the 3 year warranty period offered by Lidl.

I now find myself with a toothbrush that is still going strong and working perfectly, but I need more heads.  Can't get them unless I go to Germany!

When I bought the toothbrush I don't recall paying much more than £17 for it.  Which was about the same price that Aldi were charging for theirs.  The spare heads came in a bubble pack of 4 and cost no more than £5 as I recall, probably less.

If I want a pack of 4 spare heads now, they will cost just over 7 euros plus nearly another 10 euros to send them, (total 17+ euros).  This equates to about £3.80 per head.

If I buy off Amazon, the cost goes up to £23.52!  The original brush and spare heads didn't cost any where near that!

It's cheaper to buy a new brush!  In fact, considering it fully, it's probably cheaper and less stressful to buy a Phillips or an Oral B (Braun).  At least you can source cheaper equivalent heads!

I have been looking for equivalent heads but unless it says they will fit in the descriptions, you can't be sure that they will either fit or work.

Has anyone got any heads up on this?

Has anyone tried to source equivalent heads for this model?  As anyone found a cheaper source?

I would be very interested to hear from you.


  • Murphybear
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    I’ve used an electric toothbrush for years.  I bought a new one recently as the old one, which I’d had for years, gave up the ghost.  I’ve always had an Oral B, they are a lot cheaper than the Philips.  Oral B do a bewildering number from £20 to more than a £100.  The more expensive ones have more features and hold the charge much longer.  Which did a big report on electric toothbrushes last year and what is really helpful is to know that the cheaper models are often as good at removing plaque as the more expensive.  Amazon has a few Oral B for less than £20, one of which is reduced from £40.  
  • km1500
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    I second the above post. Buy a cheap Oral B and your teeth will be just as clean. Replace the heads every 3 months or so. 
  • MalMonroe
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    Hi, Like the posters above, I've also got an Oral B electric toothbrush, which I've had for a few years now. It originally cost £29.99 - reduced in some sale or other at Boots.

    Amazon and other places do sell 'Oral B compatible' electric brush heads which are cheaper than the brand named ones and I've had some of those and really haven't been able to tell any difference. You just have to make sure that you select the ones that match the name of your brush - there are so many different options now.
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