Did anyone here transfer an ISA to AJ Bell between August & end of November 2022?

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I transferred my S&S ISA to AJ Bell last November under a scheme which offered gift vouchers depending on the value of the funds being transferred - as I recall it was £100 worth of vouchers per £25k transferred - up to a maximum limit.  The scheme was withdrawn at the beginning of December, just after I initiated the transfer.

I have just been in contact with AJ Bell.  They have agreed to supply the vouchers; however they have not agreed to pay my previous providers transfer fees [which amount to £100].  They are saying that it was an either/or type offer where you could choose between having the vouchers or your fees paid.  However, my strong recollection is that under the terms of the scheme [which was set out in bullet points], AJ Bell offered both gift vouchers and repayment of transfer fees.

Can anyone help? [As the offer has been superseded, the terms of the offer are no longer accessible from the AJ Bell website].


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