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Please be careful! I clicked through from a link on Martin’s email to purchase power of attorney from Which, it had a % off offer.  Paid £194 for husband and myself (Scotland), including review of it.  Received it.  Had to require witness of signatures, either my doctor (our surgery doesn’t do this) or a solicitor.  Then get them sent for registration. Solicitor started it all again from scratch with the result I then had to pay £706.  I feel my £194 I paid Which was a total waste of money.


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    Maybe Scotland is different, but POA witness signatures are just that, someone, anyone, to witness your signature, does not require any qualifications except able to read, write and be contactable at a permanent address and know it's you signing and not Joe Bloggs decoy

    So, could be a neighbour, friend or a workmate for instance

    Mine was a fellow volunteer where I go and had known me for umpteen years
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    I suspect that the OP does not actually mean the simple witness of signatures ( which can be almost anyone) but the signature of the 'certificate provider'
    This person is basically signing that the donor has the mental capacity to understand what they are doing, and that they are not being coerced.
    It needs to be someone who has known the donor on a regular basis for at least two years, or a professional, like a GP or solicitor. The professional does not have to know them personally, but would be expected to have a discussion with the donor to check everything is OK.
    Some people prefer to use a professional, in case there are any objections from other family members. Or they just maybe under the impression they have to use a solicitor, when they do not ( maybe Scotland is different)
    Sounds in this case that the solicitor has also persuaded the OP that they should take over the whole process ( and charge for it) .
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    Scotland is different with POA, has to be solicitor or Dr who signs it.
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    Maybe you should have shopped around for a solicitor who would not have insisted on starting from scratch.
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