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Newbie here! Long post I'm afraid....

Before Christmas I ordered some hair products from Amazon. Received products, however, one was incorrect. I telephoned Amazon and explained that they had sent the wrong item (it is very similar but not what I ordered), she sent me a returns label and I sent it back and received a refund. All good

Fast forward a couple of weeks to me getting an email from Amazon Returns saying I'd sent back the wrong item and they had destroyed what I returned!! 

I have replied to the email disputing their claim, sending a photograph of what I received (luckily I took one as I sent it to my hairdresser to see if it was the right product!) and asked for them for a Subject Access Request for the telephone conversation I had with one of their agents on the 19th December.

They have come back to me again, saying they have reviewed the information and added additional information about the product I returned, saying it was used/damaged and had no seal. And that they were going to charge me unless I return the original product by 1st Feb. How can I return something I never received?!? Also ignoring the SAR.

I have again disputed this by replying to the email, again asking how can I return the original item if I never received the original item. Again pointing them to the telephone conversation on the 19th December. 

I am at a loss on what to do, Amazon Customer Services Department are unable to help me regarding this matter (I have spent about 3 hours on the telephone trying to sort it out) but after them trying to help they come back with I have to reply to the email, so I have, yet again!

As it stands now, I am waiting for Amazon Returns to respond to my second dispute. As yet, they have not acknowledged my Subject Access Request in the first dispute I submitted.

Anyone else been though this sort of thing or any does anyone have any advice on where I can take this next if they do in fact say they are going to take the money from my bank account.



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