Soundproofing floor for Airborne and Impact noise

Hi all, we just moved into our first home which is a semi-detached house over two floors, in 2014 built. We can hear impact noise downstairs if someone walking or moving things in one of the rooms upstairs, also can hear chats and tv, audio, not clearly but muffly. 

We are in the process of replacing carpets to engineered hardwood 15 mm, we feel that this would only increase the impact noise more so looking at ways to reduce this. One thing I came across is Mass loaded vinyl and that lead me to mutemat, which is often three layers, closed foamed sandwiched between MLV. 

anyone here has experience with any of this? have you seen them work? they are quite pricy and compromise on space as well so want to know if they are effective, and if so any recommendations on products from personal experience. Thanks


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    Bumping this to see if anyone has any experience
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    Can't comment on underlay for laminate flooring, but.... Based on personal experience where I have one bedroom with a laminate floor and others with carpet & underlay, you will notice noise a lot more with laminate. The hard surface will reflect airborne noise and be a source of impact noise as people/animals move around. If you want to cut down on noise, a decent carpet with a quality underlay will pay dividends.
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    Lift the upstairs floor boards/chipboard and fill the void between floor/ceiling with Rockwool RWA45 or equivalent. Expensive but effective.
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