Trying to open account with SmartSave for their 1yr Fixed saving account and they are unable to verify my current account, despite all details being correct and my bank participating in Faster Payments. 
Has anyone else experienced this problem woth SmartSave?


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    Looks as if they try to find your account on one or more of the credit reference files and cannot find it because not all of the details match.

    If you are unable to resolve this, you have other options for similar 1 year rates.

  • refluxerrefluxer Forumite
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    I've not tried to open an account with Smartsave but I have experienced this with Charter, despite having held the nominated account (with a major high-street bank) for a couple of decades. I've been told elsewhere that this can sometimes happen if the account is 'too old' ! Go figure...

    Looks like Smartsave have actually just withdrawn the 1 year fixed saver, in which case - if you're happy with app-only banking - I would go with Atom @ 4.25% instead - I've been a customer for a while now with zero issues. Their app works well but you do need to ensure that any smartphone or tablet you use has a relatively recent version of Android/iOS for the duration of the fix. They say they'll support the current version and the two before it.
  • happybaggerhappybagger Forumite
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    I've found sometimes when opening accounts online I get success when avoiding a middle name or initial after a rejection with it, I would have suggested @sooty99_2 considered that, but if it's withdrawn....
  • DjangoUnchainedDjangoUnchained Forumite
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    being cynical i notice a lot of times when they have trouble verifying people the accounts seem to be withdrawn very shortly afterwards?
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