Copy Mp3 files from Windows PC to Old iPhone

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bobster316bobster316 Forumite
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I have some old mp3 files which were created from old records. Is there any free way to get these
mp3 files onto an iPhone. There are paid options like iMazing but they are too expensive for me/


  • facadefacade Forumite
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    Doesn't itunes do it? You just drag mp3s into the library and synch the phone.

    I used to have something called "iphone folders" that gave direct access to iphone storage to transfer music videos & books on & off, but I can't find it now.

    I managed to transfer books to my ipad 2 using copytrans manager, which is free, it does music & video too. I've no idea what spyware it installed though- "free" software usually has a price ;)

    I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better.....

    (except air quality and Medical Science ;))
  • VannaaVannaa Forumite
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    I also use Copy Trans ( It never installed 'spyware' onto any machine I've used it on.
  • piesagittariusstickpiesagittariusstick Forumite
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    EaseUS MobiMover is another good option.
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