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Downloaded the Bright App last week and I'm just wondering if it takes a while to populate with the last 13 months of energy usage? 
Within 3 days of down loading the app it populated back to Sept 22 but it's not showing any further back despite smart meter being installed Sept 21 ( and working fine sending readings to eon) 
Did anyone else take a while to get all the data? 


  • Mstty
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    Just give it some time, they so had some lag over Christmas 
  • DeeQS
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    I had to email them and ask and they said they’d initiate a manual pull of old data. It then appeared within 24hours.
  • matelodave
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    edited 4 January 2023 at 10:54PM
    Mine updated over a period of a couple of weeks without me having to do anything and I can now get data right back to when my meter was apparently enrolled onto the DCC on Wednesday 11th November 2020 when it started logging in 30minute intervals

    I've checked it against my own monthly data and it's all correct so the DCC must have records that go back further than the 13 months that the meter stores.

    It's in 30min chunks but I cant check down to that level of granularity, only weekly and monthly

    My meter is an ELSTER AS300P,  SMETS 1 originally installed by SSE in May 2017
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  • herebeme
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    I downloaded it about 3 weeks ago or more. And yeah, doesn’t go further back than September. 

    I’m going to ask for the manual pull now I know it’s available. 
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  • InvertedVee
    I got the app 3 weeks ago but still waiting for historic data. It's good to know that I can ask for a manual data pull.

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  • [Deleted User]
    Just a note of caution. It is worth bearing in mind that the guys who own Bright (Hildebrand) have to work on technology projects that make the company money. Constant calls on Support for help could result in the App being limited to those who pay them £70 for their IHD/CAD, or it becoming a chargeable App.
  • Mstty
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    I've never heard so much tosh.

    If this was the case they would not have a support menu option in the free app to contact them.

    They will want to know if there are issues for the paying and non-paying consumers.

    As an aside I run two apps the loop app and bright and the bright app is short on December by 8.5kWh and this may be down to issues with it updating twice in December over Christmas and before New Year.

    So out of the two so far loop is the more reliable but the graphs look nicer in Bright but conversely the yearly total in loop is handy for the calender year.

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