Getting far higher prices when using Quidco

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I have used Quidco and Rentalcars for many years.  We reserved a car to use this year in the USA but we booked it at the worst time when the £ was low.  It is for 6 weeks so it tracked at £366 cashback.  When my husband did a search the price had gone down by £550 so that is quite a saving.  I then logged into Quidco and did a search and it only brings up Hertz (not Budget) which is even dearer.  There is nothing in the filters and cookies and cache removed.   I even tried a different browser and a different computer.  Quidco's response 
OK we are not able to affect the prices retailer charges and often online retailers have dynamic pricing models in place that may affect the price you see if performing multiple searches of products/services
We of course would like to help our members get the best price available but we not able to affect what prices retailers charge.
Rental Cars response
I am unsure what the issue is when booking online and it not showing the full range of cars with Quidco. 
I would advise to keep trying with Quidco as the price is unlikely to change much as pickup is a long way off and see if other options start appearing, but as this is an interaction with a third party service I am not sure if there is anything we can do to resolve this for you. 

So basically they blame one another.  It feels like a bit of a scam or something fishy is going on if it costs £550 more to go through Quidco but only get £300 ish cashback.
Has anyone else had different much higher rates when using Quidco and how did you solve it.



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    Hi Has my post appeared anywhere?
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    I’ve noticed the same issue before with top cashback and broadband contracts. To pull some numbers out of the air, going to the provider might give a contract price of £25 per month but going via TopCashback for the same product might be £30 a month with £80 cashback. Always worth checking out both options and cashback won’t always be the most beneficial route.
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