Resourcefulness: The budgeter's friend

Happy New Year to readers old & new!
Well, it's time for a new chapter. My old diary ("Put away your purse & become debt averse") achieved pretty much what I intended. I shared the story of how I got into debt at the age of 19 & stayed that way until a pretty enormous lightbulb pinged on during my early 40s, I've shared various 'debtisodes' aka tales of some of my silly past frittering, as well as daily snapshots from my much-preferred debt-free lifestyle. When I began my old diary, we'd just taken out a bank loan to enable us to buy a reliable car to cope with Mr F's then very heavy work mileage. I am sure that the act of posting on my diary motivated me to overpay & get rid of that loan much quicker than I would otherwise have done, so I think I can say that it did achieve what I hoped it would - mostly motivating myself, but also hopefully encouraging others that it's never too late to start managing our finances properly. 
But the UK is now in a very particular place economically & I feel it's time to begin a new chapter. Prices of essentials  - food, fuel, etc, have been beset by inflation levels unseen since my childhood, & energy costs, already doubled, are set to rise further this year. I feel fortunate that there is wriggle-room in our budget (largely because we were unexpectedly able to become mortgage-free 3 years ago) but there are aspects which do require attention because this level of inflation cannot leave any but the budgets of the most wealthy unscathed. The practicalities will be up for discussion next weekend when Mr F & I have our annual January money summit.
So the theme for 2023 at Foxgloves Manor will be resourcefulness. That feels to me like a good positive word. I feel positive about "frugal" & "thrifty" too, but there is something very motivational about "resourcefulness" & all its encouraging synonyms - "ingenuity", "inventiveness", "enterprise", "creative", "capable", etc. I feel that resourcefulness plays to my practical strengths, which I very much intend to use to underpin my deep determination to spend less in 2023. 
Anyway, more of this as the month unfolds........
My old diary would have been nothing without its readers & all the many comments, discussions & friendship. Thank-you to everyone who read my ramblings whether on a regular or occasional basis. I learned a lot over the timespan of that diary & welcomed the open culture of sharing ideas on so many aspects of money saving.
My best wishes as we go into 2023,
Foxgloves x

"For each of our actions there are only consequences" (James Lovelock)"For in the true nature of things......every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold & silver" (Martin Luther King Jnr)


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