LibreOffice Calc extension for pulling fund/share prices off the web

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edited 30 December 2022 at 9:11AM in Savings & investments
Apologies if this is already generally known, but I've just come across a rather useful extension for the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet application which pulls fund and share prices from the web directly into a spreadsheet......and it's easy to use......just thought I'd share this in case anyone else finds it useful too.
To pull the latest price for VLS80 from the Financial Times website, for example, just enter this into a cell (after installing the extension of course).....
where "GB00B4PQW151" is the ISIN code for the fund, 21 is the internal extension code for "last price", and "ft" is the code for the FT website (all explained on the site above and in the example.ods spreadsheet on the same site)
One minor drawback is that if the spreadsheet contains lots of links, it slows down as the extension is updating the links (and is slow to open for the same reason)...another is that many of the codes/fields don't work for funds (but the main ones do)...... these don't bother me that much tbh, but ymmv.


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    Good to know. I have a Google Sheet with prices and exchange rates on it and then refer to that on my Excel sheets. I need to refresh it on Excel manually which is OK and means it doesn't slow things down. Not sure if I could get it to update automatically but given it might slow me down, I'm not sure I'll try...........
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