How to store a Panettone cake once opened

I have been given a large 1kg panettone cake. When I open it what is the best way to store it as it will take me weeks to use. I have never had one before and I've heard they don't keep more than a few days once opened. Thanks


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    googling suggests you put it in a plastic bag and seal or wrap in foil.
     keep the cut edge covered with cling film
    Store away from sunlight
    lots more questions answered if you google- too long winded to quote here!
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    Whenever I get one, it’s in a plastic bag inside the box. I take it out of the bag, cut off a chunk to go at and re-seal the rest in the bag. The chunk I keep in a smaller bag, sealed with a klippit. Because it’s so much lighter than a traditional Christmas cake, I find I get through it more quickly, but maybe that’s just because I like it so much!
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    Should you find it goes a bit dry, it makes an excellent bread and butter or summer pudding. 😊
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    You can freeze them. We freeze in portioned chunks. Usually we wrap in foil then inside a sealed freezer bag. Defrosts fast. 

    They are nice to use in bread and butter pudding if they go a bit stale too. 
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    maman said:
    Should you find it goes a bit dry, it makes an excellent bread and butter or summer pudding. 😊
    I agree. In the past I have visited an Italian restaurant that makes bread and butter pudding with a panettone. It is delicious. 
    I make bread and butter pudding with hot cross buns, also an enriched dough - so just as scrummy. 
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    Anything airtight works.

    Although I find panettone far too easy to scoff down, I could easily get through 1kg in three days.
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    I've never made bread and butter pudding as not much of a cook and never have stale bread as I freeze it and peel off slices as needed. Sounds like another item for the freezer. I hadn't appreciated the need for foil and bag.
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    I have a panettone shaped tin for such occasions.

    It will be in use when I break into my Lidl Champagne-soaked raisin panettone in the near future
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    I get through several panettone and pandoro every year.  I portion it into slices or wedges and reseal it in the bag it comes in.  Generally take out a piece as and when required. It stays fresh for a lot longer than you think.

    Any time I have it in Italy it's served slightly warm, just heated enough so that stays soft and hasn't started to toast. The classic version is lovely toasted and served with a dollop of Greek yogurt and some fresh berries.  
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    Its a bread so treat it the same as you would any other bread.

    Have always liked panattone but this year bought from a brand I'd heard of but never tried when the Mrs wanted one late one evening so limited to delivery services. Wow, was so much better than any others we've had in the UK
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